Mulliner is rooted in rich artisanal heritage. And the qualities of fine craftsmanship and visionary design that first made us famous, still serve us, and more importantly our customers, well. And with the launch of Bentley Bacalar, that coachbuilding tradition is reflected in contemporary techniques, sustainable materials and shows Bentley's design capabilities like no other model available today.  Read more about Bentley Bacalar here.

In the early days of the motor car, there were no showrooms; no gleaming car exteriors from which the buyer could choose. The very first drivers bought a vehicle comprising only an engine, a drivetrain, four wheels and a set of controls. For the rest, they needed a coachbuilder.

Mulliner was one such coachbuilder, arguably the finest of its day. Originally a saddlemaker, the family began making coaches in the nineteenth century, switching to car cabins and bodies before the outbreak of the First World War. Mulliner went on to create the bodywork for many a famous Bentley and, in 1959, became part of the same company. Read about the Legend of Mulliner here.

Since then, the Mulliner workshop at the factory in Crewe has consistently created the company's most unique and visionary cars. So prepare to reset your expectations. They are limited only by your own imagination.